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     An American not-for-profit performance-rights organization (PRO).
     Protects members' musical copyrights, monitoring public performances of
     their music, whether via broadcast or live performance, and compensating
     them accordingly.

     administers statutory license services to stream artistic content
     paying a fixed rate for each play, collects and distributes royalties
     for featured artist and sound recording copyright owner
     when content is played on non-interactive digital source.
     easy listening, soul, rhythm blues, rock influence

Performing Rights Organization (PRO)
     ASCAP is the only US performing rights organization owned and run by its
     songwriter, composer and music publisher members.

U. S. A. State of New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Certificate

U. S. A. State of New Mexico Business License Lordsburg New Mexico

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for time and, again, to worship the one kind mind music helps
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